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Sidelined by Sciatica? Get Relief Naturally

ankle-and-leg-pain-sq-400Hip pain, tingling or burning feeling down the leg, weakness, numbness, difficulty moving the leg or foot, a shooting pain that makes it uncomfortable to stand up. If you experience any of these, you’re likely dealing with sciatica.

This type of pain can significantly impact your life, but understanding its causes is the first step toward managing it.

What Are Some Common Causes?

The spine plays a central role in sciatica pain. Conditions like herniated discs or spinal stenosis put pressure on the sciatic nerve, causing pain that extends down the leg. Another source of sciatica is the piriformis muscle, which can compress the sciatic nerve when it tightens or spasms.

Dysfunction in the sacroiliac joint, the connection between the spine and pelvis, can also lead to sciatica pain by exacerbating nerve compression.

Treatment and Prevention

Dr. Amy and Dr. Peter at Herron Family Chiropractic are passionate about helping their patients who suffer from sciatica feel their best. At Herron Family Chiropractic, we recommend the following to prevent and address sciatica:

  • Chiropractic Care: regular adjustments can help realign the spine and relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve, which helps to alleviate pain and promote healing. Additionally, when the structure of the spine is ideal, instructions from the brain to the body are able to smoothly flow and be fulfilled as designed.
  • Exercise and Rehabilitation: Incorporating specific exercises recommended by Dr. Peter or Dr. Amy can strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and reduce the chances of sciatica returning.
  • Postural Wellness: Maintaining good posture is crucial. Learning proper ergonomic and postural techniques can prevent future pain. Dr. Amy and Dr. Peter are always happy to discuss their patients’ regular posture positioning and provide personalized recommendations to help improve!

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If you’ve been sidelined by sciatica, we want to help you get relief so you can enjoy the things in life you love. Contact Herron Family Chiropractic today to schedule an appointment.


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