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Lack of Mobility Treatment in Cobourg

arms crossed in front of faceIf you have been told you lack mobility, this means you can not move painlessly and freely. Mobility is the ability to move or walk freely and easily, and this is critical for functioning well and living independently.

Lack of mobility can make it harder for older adults to go out and visit friends and family, and limit their ability to do their activities independently. People may lose their ability to live at home, and it may also lead to higher rates of disease, disability, hospitalization and poorer quality of life.

What Are the Symptoms?

  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Weakness
  • Discomfort
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle tightness due to inactivity

There can also be profound social and psychological consequences, because if you can’t move well, it can impact your ability to see people and can be frustrating or depressing.

The Common Causes

There can be many different causes of this, but often the reasons include advanced age, accidents, neurological impairments or physical inabilities. A lack of physical activity/exercise also makes it more likely that a person will develop a lack of mobility over time. Sitting too much can be a big indicator of future lack of mobility.

Our Approach

The major goal in this situation is to recover as much mobility as possible and prevent further loss of mobility. To achieve this, Dr. Peter or Dr. Amy will work on adjustments of different areas of the spine to keep the spine moving as well as possible, as well as soft tissue and mobilizations to decrease pain and help improve movement.

Additionally, we will work through exercises and stretches to be done at home, and set goals to work towards around home.

We will talk through the ergonomics at home and in life to ensure proper movement is being developed so there aren’t poor habits in place.

What to Expect

We will begin with an intake form. These can be completed at home before the appointment or here in the clinic. Once you arrive, we will go through a thorough history and dig into details included in the intake form. We will ask questions about activities of daily life, what is challenging, and where you do well.

After the history, we will perform a physical exam and assess posture, range of motion, balance and walking, and then go through a palpation check of the spine and surrounding musculature. After this assessment, we will determine whether further tests are required, and will go through a report of our findings to make sure you understand exactly what you are dealing with and how we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can exercise/movement help with my issue?

Yes, in many cases this can increase motion through joint spaces and allow fluid to lubricate the joints to ease movement. Walking is of huge benefit if you are experiencing struggles with mobility.

Should I work on balance training for my issue?

Absolutely, as the risk of falling can be stressful for people dealing with a lack of mobility. Working on balance can help mitigate that concern, and also improve mobility.

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