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New Patient Reviews


Dr.Herron has more compassion, sensitivity and honesty in himself, than I have seen in any medical professionals in many, many years! Dr. Herron and his wife Deb are truly wonderful people! Carmen the receptionist is very personable and always smiling and ready to help in any way too!
-Candace H.

Friendly Staff

Staff is very courteous and friendly. Appointment times are very flexible. My overall experience has been great and am feeling the benefits already.
-Daren Z.

Improved Neck and Shoulders

Before treatment I could not move my neck, shoulders or turn my head to look over my shoulders. Since receiving the care from March 6th, the upper area of my body is much more movable and only occasionally I still feel pain. Hopefully the hip area will eventually make an improvement when that area will have some work on it.

Able To Do Normal Activity Again

Before treatments I could not perform normal household chores, take long drives or walks due to constant headaches, neck and back pain. I would wake up in the night and not be able to get back to sleep and had difficulty finding a comfortable position on the pillow and mattress.
Now I’m able to do most of my normal daily chores without pain, I’m enjoying my life much better and able to do my daily walking. I no longer need a cane for support.
The doctor and his staff are extremely pleasant to deal with and very professional. He has offered services at anytime without hesitation if needed. His profession is not just a job to him, it’s a commitment to his patients.

Headaches Have Improved

Before treatments I could not move my neck comfortably and my headaches were having serious negative effects on my life. My headaches are less frequent and I am more relaxed knowing that relief is possible. A wonderfully supportive staff that makes each visit a pleasure.
-Gloria A.

Given Me My Life Back!

Before treatments daily migraines, knotted neck and shoulder muscles, numbness and tingling in my right arm and hand, swelling in my ankles and feet, fuzzy head, dizziness, memory loss, fatigue and sciatic pain were unfortunately a daily part of my life. Within 5 months all of the above symptoms had lessened dramatically or disappeared altogether. Now a year and a half later I am not suffering from these symptoms at all. I haven’t had any allergy symptoms or had to use my asthma inhaler in a year. I am sleeping through the night and have been able to resume my physically active lifestyle. I very rarely get a headache now and I cant tell you how wonderful that is. I was skeptical at first as to whether this would work for me but after 34 years of different chiropractic styles the structure of my spine is being corrected back into it’s proper position and I haven’t this healthy and pain free for over 25 yrs. Thank you doctor for giving me my life back!
-Risa S.

No More Back Pain

Before treatments I could not stand the pain in my back that was restricting my movements on a daily basis. Today I feel fantastic with absolutely no pain. I am walking with much better posture and can once more work out at the gym. The office is always a joy to enter with a happy jovial Doctor and staff.
-Jennine H.

Improved My Walking

Before treatments I could not walk for long distances or sit for too long. I was constantly in pain and off work for over six months. I had trouble sleeping because of the pain and was miserable. I’m happy to say since receiving care, I have been back to work full time, can walk and stand again for longer periods of time. I am sleeping better and have far less pain on a daily basis. This chiropractor and the girls are amazing ! They truly feel like family. I look forward to my visits and truly appreciate the love and care they show my family and I every visit.
-Valerie B.

Back And Hip

Before treatments I had a sore back and hip. I had a difficult time getting up and down stairs. Sometimes just getting up from a sitting position was painful. I do not have any of that pain now. I sleep through most nights now. I feel great! No neck pain now that I am doing the traction. I will continue adjustments so I can keep pain free without medication.
-Dora F.

Improved My Health

Chiropractic care has drastically improved my health. I now have more mobility, more energy and a significant decrease in bouts of muscle discomfort. Weekly adjustments with him has become an intricate part of a healthy lifestyle. With home traction I know that he is giving me the tools I need to improve my total health. The friendly, professional and conscientious staff are always there to greet me, answer all my questions, and make me feel like we are all part of a team to keep me healthy.
-Nancy G.