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New Patients

When you enter Herron Family Chiropractic, you become part of our family. And we encourage you to bring your family in too. Patients of all ages are welcome, including kids!

Here, you’ll be treated how we’d want our loved ones treated at a new office. In our bright, comfortable space, you’ll feel right at home.

We want to hear your patient story. Click below to go to our adult & pediatric new patient forms.

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Your Entrance Examination

Your first visit is about getting to know you. You’ll sit down with Dr. Amy or Dr. Peter to discuss your history and have a posture and alignment examination. You’ll be sent to have X-rays, then booked for our next doctor’s report. This visit takes 30-45 minutes.

The Doctor’s Report

  • Looking forward to being pain free and having a healthy and corrective spine.
    -Lynda P.
  • I am so blown away on how well they have taken care of me and it has only been my fourth visit!
    -Maria A.
  • They treat you like you’re family from the start! Very respectful ! I have been going to chiropractors for years and received more information than I ever have here.
    -Debra K.
  • Very helpful and competent staff. Feel that I can be helped with my symptoms!
    -Pat M.
  • Very informative first visit, very hopeful to have my body back to the best it can be.
    -Gabriela F.
  • You guys are all great! What a wonderful family atmosphere you guys have, so keep up the great work in the future thanks!
    -Jeff P.
  • Extremely friendly and thorough clinic. I was seen on the same day of my initial call and they were excellent!
    -Carla F.
  • Everyone is super polite and friendly and from the moment I walked in, it felt like I was a part of the family. Thank you all for your kindness and passion to take care of the community!
    -Nic F.
  • You guys do an excellent job at making me feel comfortable.
    -Harry B.
  • Everything was explained clearly and carefully. A very caring attitude.
    -Marie L.
  • Everyone is so courteous and nice. And I was told that any time I have any questions just ask. Which I have done with much satisfaction.
    -Teresa W.
  • Thank you for educating me in terms I can understand and offering to help me fix my problem so I can be a healthier me.
    -Amanda C.
  • Herron family practice, it’s a breath of fresh air. They are always kind. Knowledgeable in their area! Thankful I am going to see Dr. Amy.
    -Christie D.
  • My initial experience was excellent. Dr. Herron’s presentation & explanation were really informative, made me feel that something could be done to relieve the chronic headaches I’ve suffered from for years.
    -Stephen B.
  • From the minute you walk in the door you are greeted with smiling faces and genuine, caring people . They take the time to talk and assess you thoroughly and answer any questions you may have.
    -Laura C.
  • Loved my visits so far. So much information given that I have never received before. I have a better understanding of what I was experiencing.
    -Tracie B.
  • So happy that I found a chiropractor that listened and explained everything so well, made me feel like I mattered, thank you.
    -Betty W.
  • Fantastic as well as informative and I can already feel the difference
    - Andrew L.

We invite you to bring your spouse or family member to the doctor's report. First, you'll meet in a group, where Dr. Peter will do an informative presentation about the importance of chiropractic care and understanding x-rays.

Then, you'll see your chiropractor privately to discuss the findings of your X-rays and your examination with our recommendations for a care plan with us.

Your Regular Visits

Your time is important to us. We'll do our best to have you in and out of the office in 10 minutes. It's up to you, however, if you'd like to visit with us and chat. You're welcome to stay and enjoy our environment as long as you'd like!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new patients?


Do I need a doctor referral to get in?

No, just give us a call to book.

How long does it take to get in for an initial appointment?

We do our best to get patients in as quickly as possible. It depends on your schedule and availability, but we will try to get you in the same week or the next week.

How long is the initial consultation?

Please allow 30-45 minutes.

How long does it take to start getting adjusted after my initial consultation?

You'll get adjusted immediately after the doctor's report.

How long does an adjustment appointment take?

We usually tell the patient that we commit to having them in and out of the office in a 5-minute period. The adjusting portion of the visit is about 90 seconds.

Are adjustments painful?

The adjustment should not hurt, though you may experience some initial soreness, like what you'd feel after a workout at the gym.

Get Started

Contact our team now to book your first appointment! Same-day visits are available.



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