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Joint Pain Relief in Cobourg

office-worker-wrist-pain-sq-400Joint pain can be felt in many areas of the body, and it can be due to many elements. Factors that can play a part in this type of discomfort include age, weight, past injuries, overuse, as well as different health conditions.

It is common and is most often felt in the hands, feet, hips, knees or spine.

People may feel stiff in the morning, and it may take time to loosen up and feel better. For some people, activity can help with feeling looser, while others find too much activity to be aggravating in painful times. This pain can limit people from their ability to do certain tasks.

Pain can be constant or intermittent, and the joints can feel stiff, achy or sore. People may complain of burning, throbbing or grating sensations. There may be swelling in the area or the joint may be enlarged. There can be noise in the joint when it is moved, and there can be difficulty bending or straightening the joint.

Common causes include previous injuries to a joint, repeated use or overuse of an area, carrying excess weight, having arthritis or chronic health conditions. Because of these factors, joint pain occurs more often in middle aged and older populations.

How We Address Your Discomfort

One of the most important things for joint pain is increasing motion through the joint. This brings blood flow, nutrients and oxygen to the joint space to help improve healing. Dr. Peter or Dr. Amy can adjust and mobilize these areas, encourage proper exercise and stretching, as well as advise on ice or heat, rest or activity and proper movement. Depending on the situation, some weight loss may be appropriate when done in a healthy manner, as it can decrease the pressure on some joints.

Our Intake Process

When you set up an appointment, we will send you paperwork to fill out, and on these forms will be questions to determine what types of issues you are dealing with. Once you come in, we will go through a history process, where we will ask further questions based on the information on the forms. Next, we will undergo a physical exam, where we will examine posture and assess range of motion for the affected area and surrounding regions to understand exactly where the issue is originating.

We will then palpate the area and assess motion by feeling the joints and the surrounding musculature. We will perform any following tests, as recommended by the physical exam so far.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can food impact joint pain?

Yes, certain foods can increase inflammation and cause more pain. Items with more sugar or refined carbs can increase inflammation, as can alcohol. Minimizing consumption of these may help decrease joint pain.

Can stress impact joint pain?

Absolutely. Stress and anxiety can cause inflammation to increase in your body. You may also cope with stress by sitting more or moving or behaving differently, which can aggravate the joint pain.

Should I drink more water if I have joint pain?

Yes, if you are dehydrated, this can impact joint pain. About 70-80% of your joint cartilage consists of water, which helps lubricate and cushion your joints. If there is less lubrication because you are dehydrated, this can cause more friction and pain in the joints. So drinking more water can be helpful to minimize this issue.

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