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About Us

Dr. Peter Herron graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in 1995. For years, he worked in a partnership with a fellow chiropractor, then decided it was time to strike out on his own. Herron Family Chiropractic was started from the ground up back in 2011. Since that time, it’s grown to be one of the largest practices in our area.

In 2019, Dr. Peter’s daughter, Dr. Amy, graduated from CMCC. She had worked as an assistant in the clinic for years, knowing that she would eventually join the team. We’re thrilled to be a true family practice, caring for area families in Cobourg and Port Hope!

Why We Focus On Your Body’s Structure

We know that if your body has the proper structure, it will mean that you can function at your highest level. With corrections made that align your body, you can experience health, longevity and wellness. Under our care, we have a goal: a true correction that can be sustained.

We believe that everyone who has a spine should be adjusted, so we see all ages. Though you might think chiropractors are just for back pain, we’re here to tell you that chiropractic is a lifestyle. It’s about maximizing your body’s ability to heal itself. When you have the right neurology and structure, everything in your life has the potential to transform.

  • Warm family feeling office, great people, very fast appointments. I have learned a lot. Thanks, guys!

    -Cheryl M.
  • The office has a friendly environment and is operated very efficiently. Dr. Herron and his staff are very approachable and helpful with regards each individual’s medical needs.

    -Jacqueline E.
  • Very professional and ready to help!

    -Sophia V.
  • Before treatments  with the chiropractor I could not move without pain when attacks of acute back pain occurred. After receiving care back pain is less frequent. There seems to be improvement in the neck area as well.

    -Joyce M.
  • Love that it is such a friendly and up beat environment. Also, a great process upon arrival for my appointment.

    -John P.
  • Peter, Amy, and Deb work great as a team and get you the help and service you need. Its done with simple & easy to understand language.

    -Mike B.
  • Very positive atmosphere, staff and overall experience

    -Pam C.

Get the Results You’ve Been Seeking

We love seeing patients that haven’t gotten results from other places. You might not have had any of your questions answered or felt like you could hope for a brighter future. Though we can’t tell you what’s wrong with you until you have a thorough examination, we can tell you one promising thing: your body is capable of incredible healing. With chiropractic, you have the power to live a better life.

Book an Appointment

We have same-day visits available. Consultations are also offered so you can learn more about us. Contact us today!

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