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Proactive Care in Cobourg

Dr Peter examining patientWe all feel invincible, like we could never lose our health—until we’re suddenly dealing with a complicated condition that affects every part of our day.

Unfortunately, our society tends to take a reactive approach to health care. Most people wait until they already have a big health issue before they take any steps to resolve it. Now they may be up against doctor visits, medication, rehabilitation, or even surgery and hospital stays as they try to correct an issue already becoming chronic.

At Herron Family Chiropractic, we take a proactive approach to health. By working to bring your body into the best possible condition, we can prevent many common causes of illness and dysfunction from happening in the first place. Bodies at their peak of health know how to react to various pathogens and injuries. We help keep your body strong so it can continue its amazing work of regularly healing itself.

Planning Your Future Health Today

Whether you’re coming into the office with a current health problem or you want to make sure you keep feeling great long-term, we’ll talk with you about your health goals.

We want our patients to be forward-thinking, seeing past immediate goals of relief from pain and considering what activities you hope to be doing 5, 10, or 15 years down the road. The path to long-term wellness starts now before you’re fighting a challenging condition.

Keeping Families in Maximum Wellness

We offer wellness for the whole family at Herron Family Chiropractic. As Dr. Peter and Dr. Amy bring your spine into optimal position, we’ll also chat with you about eating better, exercising, and maintaining ideal posture and movements to set you up for maximum functioning.

No one should have to just get through life, barely able to keep up with necessary tasks. We want to see you thriving and enjoying every opportunity that comes your way.

One young husband came to see us when his wife was preparing to have their first baby. He wanted to be there for her and the newborn as much as possible. He knew that meant he needed to be feeling his best. We brought him into maximum alignment to ensure great mobility and flexibility and helped him build an active lifestyle so he could be there to give his family a healthy start.

Helping You Hold Onto Your Passions

Everyone has health goals, whether you’ve put much thought into them or not. You may want to be able to get down on the floor and play with your kids or grandkids. Maybe skiing or golf are important to you, or you have another sport or hobby you enjoy.

If you’re beginning to feel the first negative health effects, it’s important to get those under control now, before they get worse. For example, a woman who goes walking every morning may still keep up with her regular routine, but notice she’s feeling sore afterward. Pain is never normal. By paying attention to your body’s warning signals, you can stop early dysfunction in its tracks and stay fit even as you age.

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We love to watch our patients stay healthy and strong, year after year. Start making a plan for long-term wellness by scheduling your first appointment today.


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