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Rib Pain & Dysfunction Treatment in Cobourg

Regain Comfort and Mobility

woman on couch with rib painThe rib cage is an intricate structure composed of ribs, the sternum, and the thoracic spine. With its joints, cartilage, nerves, and other tissues, the ribs are designed to move. However, issues can arise within this complex system, leading to rib pain and dysfunction.

Symptoms and Causes

Rib pain can manifest in various ways. It may be sharp and stabbing or dull and throbbing. The pain can be persistent or intermittent, chronic, or acute. Symptoms include discomfort when walking, sneezing, coughing, or taking deep breaths. Numbness, tenderness, or swelling may also indicate a misalignment.

Rib pain and dysfunction can stem from significant events such as car accidents or sports injuries. Additionally, forceful coughing, vomiting, or sneezing can contribute to the issue. Poor posture, weak muscles, and repetitive strain from work or sports activities can also be culprits. Occasionally, pregnancy-related physical changes can lead to rib dysfunction. Furthermore, what seems like rib pain may sometimes be referred from other areas of the body.

How it Feels

Rib pain can be felt on the sides, at the front of the chest, or at the back on either side of the spine. Those experiencing this issue may find everyday tasks challenging, struggle to sleep comfortably, or have difficulty enjoying hobbies.

Our Approach to Care

At Herron Family Chiropractic, we offer chiropractic care to address rib pain and dysfunction. We focus on correcting any misalignments that may be causing the pain. Treatment involves adjustments to realign the affected area, soft tissue work to release tension and promote healing, targeted exercises and stretches, and recommendations for optimal postures at work and home. By taking a comprehensive approach, we aim to keep you moving and feeling your best.

The Intake Process

To address your rib pain and dysfunction concerns, our intake process involves the following steps:

Paperwork: You will fill out paperwork that helps us understand the specific issues you are dealing with.

History and Physical Exam: When you arrive for your appointment, we will conduct a thorough history and physical exam. During the history, we will discuss your intake forms in greater detail to gain a deeper understanding of your activities and how they have impacted you. The physical exam will assess your posture, range of motion, and check the joints and muscles of the spine and rib cage for any signs of dysfunction.

Further Tests: If necessary, additional tests may be recommended to gather more information.

Report of Findings: Once all the information is gathered, we will provide a report of findings. This will help you understand the nature of your condition and the treatment options we recommend to restore optimal function.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can poor posture lead to rib pain?

Yes, poor posture that affects the thoracic spine can alter the position of the rib cage, causing dysfunction and leading to pain if left uncorrected.

Can a chiropractor help with rib pain?

Absolutely! A chiropractor will first ensure that the rib pain is not due to non-musculoskeletal conditions. Once confirmed, they will use adjustments, soft tissue work, and exercises to help alleviate the issue and restore proper function.

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