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Neck Pain Relief in Cobourg

back view of neck painA very common reason for people to visit chiropractic clinics is neck pain. It can affect our lives in so many ways, from causing limited range of motion, to problems driving, lifting, sitting, and performing household chores like grocery shopping and cleaning. It can even stop us from lifting, carrying and hugging our favorite people, like our children and grandchildren.

The problem may begin as stiffness in the neck, but if it continues without adjustment, it can grow to include headaches and radiating pain in your shoulders, back, arms and legs.

It can be caused by trauma, like motor vehicle and work accidents, or just by sleeping awkwardly or sitting at a desk with poor ergonomics.

The more people pull in their shoulders and have their neck forward, the more this increases pressure, which can have negative consequences. The joints become aggravated, muscles are strained, inflammation settles in, and suddenly, you can’t do all the things you love to do.

The good news is Dr. Peter and Dr. Amy and their team at Herron Family Chiropractic can help!

What to Expect

When your body has its proper structure, you can function at the highest level. Through chiropractic, Dr. Peter and Dr. Amy can make corrections that align your body, loosen up joints and muscles, and help you regain mobility.

Pain in the head and neck usually indicates deeper structural issues. Extreme forward head posture puts pressure on the spine, joints, nerves, and muscles. The team will examine anything else that could contribute to pain, like sleep position, water intake, or an inactive lifestyle. Everything in the body is connected, so instead of dealing only with isolated symptoms, we get to the root issue and work through adjustments until you’re feeling incredible.

As an active part of your care, you will receive tips and exercises to help improve your posture and stretches that help prolong the effects of adjustments. The team will provide you with different in-office or at-home tips and tools that can help continue the process of opening the neck and improving posture.

You can return to living the life you want, without the discomfort of neck pain.

Pain is Not Normal, but Adjustments Help

It’s important to remember that pain is never normal. It’s your body’s warning signal and should be addressed. When you pay attention to your body’s signals, you can stop early dysfunction in its tracks and stay fit, even as you age. With corrections made that align your body, you can experience health, longevity and wellness.

Under our care, we have a goal: a true correction that can be sustained. We believe everyone should be adjusted, from the young to the young-at-heart. From infants who may have neck trauma from a difficult birth, to teens who frequently use tech devices and in athletics, to seniors who may feel a pinching from their pickleball sessions—we welcome all ages.

And though you might think chiropractors are just for neck pain, chiropractic can become part of your lifestyle. When you have the right neurology and structure, everything in your life has the potential to transform.

Take That First Step to Regain Your Range of Motion

Everyone has health goals, whether you’ve put much thought into them or not. Maybe you’d like to back out of your driveway without feeling that sharp pain run down your neck and into your arms, or perhaps it’s been a while since you enjoyed your daily walk. Whatever brought you joy before your neck pain began can be found again through adjustments.

Call us today to book your appointment and start living your life the way you want again!


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