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Your First Visit to Our Cobourg Practice

Carmen, front desk associate

When you first arrive you will be greeted by Carmen at the front desk.

Your first visit to our office is called the “Initial Consultation” which is designed to determine the real cause of your health concerns. When you arrive you will be greeted by Carmen, my office manager, and will complete a detailed health history with one of my exam specialists. After this process, we will conduct a thorough spinal examination. This will help us to determine whether any abnormal alignment and motion patterns exist, and how they may be impacting your nervous system resulting in diminished organ function. At this point in the process of determining if you are a candidate for reconstructive or structural chiropractic care, your doctor will order further additional studies.

The second visit to my office is called the “Doctor’s Report.” The cost for your Initial Consultation + the Doctor’s Report when you book through the website is $35, regular value at $120. We look forward to meeting with you. Please contact our Cobourg practice to schedule your appointment.

Your First Visit | (905) 377-0555